This Week in TV Premieres: January 20- January 26

Check out this week’s premieres, including Hollywood Game Night, Reign and The Vampire Diaries. Continue reading


Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: “Going Home” to the Enchanted Forest…and NY!

Once Upon A Time‘s mid-season finale, Season 3, episode 11, titled “Going home”, delivered quite a few surprises and even more tears. Read on for the full (and very delayed…I blame finals) recap for OUAT! Continue reading

Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: “The New Neverland” is Coming to Storybrooke

Once Upon A Time season 3, episode 10 “The New Neverland” brought the whole Neverland gang back to Storybrooke, including the ruthless Pan in disguise, but also took away one of everyones’ favorite fairies. Read on for the full recap! Continue reading

Orphan Black: The Best of Alison Hendrix

Season 2 of Orphan Black is getting closer and closer…well, sort of. It is set to come back on TV in April 2014 and it can’t come soon enough. Just in case anyone is suffering from an Orphan Black withdrawal, let’s look back at some of the greatest moments from everyones’ favorite clones. Continue reading

Once Upon A Time Season 3 Premiere Recap: Pixie Dust, Fireballs, and…Peter Pan!

Pixie dust, fireballs, and everything magical…it’s official, Once Upon A Time is back! The season 3 premiere, “The Heart of the Truest Believer”, brought us all back to a magical land with all of our favorite fairytale characters. Continue reading