Sam Hunt, you’ve made me like rap…how dare you

SamH_DM-9084_HIres_WEB-630x563So yesterday I went to a Kip Moore concert, with Sam Hunt and Charlie Worsham as the opening acts. Of course I’d heard Sam Hunt’s “Leave The Night On,” because I don’t live under a rock, but I hadn’t heard any of his other songs. I decided to buy his album on iTunes for three reasons.

1.) Sam Hunt is pretty easy on the eyes, so therefore he deserves my $10.
2.) I didn’t want to look like an idiot swaying to the music while mumbling incoherent gibberish.
3.) I can’t remember the last time I bought an artist’s music, so why not actually contribute to their fame and fortune for once?

Plus, I figured I’d love it considering his first single is my go-to song to scream to at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in my car.

Well I listened to his whole album on the train during my commute to the city yesterday morning and ended up skipping over every song before the end. (Sorry Sam, you’re still hot!) Don’t get me wrong, Hunt has talent and his style is so different than anything I’ve heard from country music stars but my least favorite kind of music ever is rap – I just never understood the appeal of listening to someone talk in a song – so needless to say, I was disappointed (Spoiler alert: This disappointment does not last long).

There were a few songs in which I thought, OK, I could listen to this…not bad, but is that really what I should be thinking during a song I was so excited for? But bear with me, my opinion does a total 180. One song did really resonate with me: “House Party.” I myself am a total homebody so I will willingly accept the soiree that Hunt sings about. It would be even better if it was him throwing it. You in, Sam?1412650894000-SamH-8180-HIres-PRINT

So anyway, going into the concert I was expecting to enjoy looking at Hunt (for obvious reasons) while anxiously waiting for Kip Moore to grace the stage in his red cap (which he did wear, thankfully). My friends and I walked in on Hunt singing “Ex To See,” which I’ve decided I love solely because of the cleverness. I see what you did there, Sam. But then I heard him sing what I thought was my least favorite song on the album, “Break Up In A Small Town,” and actually ended up loving it. I thought, wait, what’s going on, why am I enjoying this? Should I punch myself in the face now or later?  I was pleasantly surprised.

Then he sang “Take Your Time” and of course “Leave The Night On,” and it became official: Sam Hunt has made me enjoy rap. I will never, ever enjoy Eminem or Wiz Khalifa, but Hunt? Yes, please! It’s funny what seeing someone live can make you love. Perhaps it was seeing his strikingly good looks up there on the stage that made me like the music, but whatever it was, it worked. Good job being you, Sam.

I walked away from Starland Ballroom being a fan of his looks and his music, so naturally I stalked him on Google because…well, why not? If I didn’t already love Hunt enough, I found an article on Rolling Stone that made me love him
even more. This whole time (as in these past 24 hours) I could not get over the fact that Hunt’s music just does not sound sam-hunt-71-wusncountry. Yeah, there’s the sound of a banjo here, the mention of a truck there and his Georgia accent everywhere, but is it really country?

Well, Hunt addresses that question saying, “I don’t like the idea that in music, clothes, taste or anything, we are limited to a certain style,” Hunt says, “because we need to maintain an identity, maybe between some subculture group. Hopefully all those walls break down, and music is just music.” So there you have it, if it’s good then it doesn’t even really matter what it is. And yes, it is good, so Sam, you can take my time anytime. I am officially a Sam Hunt fan.


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