Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: “Going Home” to the Enchanted Forest…and NY!

Once Upon A Time‘s mid-season finale, Season 3, episode 11, titled  “Going home”, delivered quite a few surprises and even more tears. Read on for the full (and very delayed…I blame finals) recap for OUAT!

Well, Pan and Henry are still stuck inside of each other’s bodies, and it has not gotten any less weird to see Henry (well, his body) be evil. Henry (Pan) is looking over the well with Felix, getting ready to cast his spell. He throws in all of the potions and such. The whole time I was wondering, “what about the heart!” Well, then comes the heart. Being that Felix has been the only one to believe in him, Pan takes Felix’s heart to complete the spell. It was nice knowing you Felix. Actually, it wasn’t at all. Good riddance.

ONCEUPONATIME_Y3_D311-F055_001_pre-550x366Regina tells the gang that in order to stop Pan’s spell, they need to switch back the bodies so Henry can bring them the scroll. To do this, they need the wand from the Black Fairy that is inside of the convent. Neal, Tink, Hook, and David walk into a memorial service for the Blue Fairy at the convent. The shadow from Neverland is now the only thing stopping them. Hook decides to give it a go and catch the shadow in the coconut thing. He fails. Tink then wants to prove the Blue Fairy wrong and uses her pixie dust to fly up to the shadow and trap it into the coconut. Tink saves the day. Mission accomplished. The Blue Fairy is also alive again and gives Tinker Bell her wings back!

Rumpel is then able to switch the bodies back and instead of killing Pan when he has the chance, he decides to wait until Pan wakes up. When Pan wakes up the father and son reunite, in the worst way. Rumpel thinks that Pan will not have his magic since he is wearing the cuff, but Rumpel must have forgotten that Pan is the one who made the cuff in the first place. Pan pulls a switcheroo and puts the cuff on Rumpel. Pan leaves his son without magic and heads to town.

Henry comes back with the scroll and gives it to Regina, who proceeds to pass out and have a vision. Pan shows up and ruins it all, though. Pan freezes everyone there. Cue Rumpel. Rumpel tells Belle how much he loves her and says a heartfelt goodbye to his son, all while they are frozen. Or at least unable to respond, considering there was a lot of blinking and moving. I would hope that was not them trying to be frozen. Anyway, Rumpel stabs Pan, making them both disappear form Storybrooke. Pan turns back into his older self and tries to convince Rumpel he can change before disappearing, though. Good try, Pan. Cue the tears. Who knew the possible death of a villain would be so sad (I’m talking about Rumpel).

Belle breaks down crying and everyone is sad. Regina now must break the news that brings on more tears. Storybrooke is not able to be saved, but everyone can be saved by going back to where they came from…the Enchanted Forest! Not everyone, though. Henry must stay in the normal people world since that is where he was born and Emma can stay with him since she is the savior. They will not remember anything from Storybrooke but will think that they have been together in normal people land the whole time.


Now time for the goodbyes. Henry tells Regina that she is not a villain, she’s his mom. Awwww. There is also a pretty sweet moment between Regina and Emma. Emma says goodbye to her parents, Neal/Bae, and Hook, who she still clearly has some sexual tension with. Henry and Emma get into Emma’s yellow bug and drive past the town line as the curse takes over Storybrooke and the rest of the gang returns to the Enchanted Forest.

The episode ends with Emma and Henry being in a NYC apartment, making0cce4c01d7c2e7cc_Screen_Shot_2013-12-16_at_12.00.20_PM.png.preview eggs and dancing. It is a cute mother and son moment until there is a knock at the door. Emma opens the door and it’s…Hook! He’s in his pirate outfit and all…in NY. He must have gotten some weird looks. Hook frantically tries to tell Emma that her family is in danger and she has no idea what he is talking about. Hook kisses her but she still does not remember. She slams the door and that ends the mid-season finale.

What an episode. There probably was not a dry eye in the house. When OUAT returns in March (sooo far away!) we can look forward to a new villain who can only be described as, well, wicked. It’s the Wicked Witch! Check back for my recaps when Once Upon A Time returns on March 9, 2014!

Until then, check back for more recaps and articles about TV and everything country music!


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