Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: “The New Neverland” is Coming to Storybrooke

Once Upon A Time season 3, episode 10 “The New Neverland” brought the whole Neverland gang back to Storybrooke, including the ruthless Pan in disguise, but also took away one of everyones’ favorite fairies. Read on for the full recap!


BN-AR798_once_E_20131206182422The episode begins with Ariel being reunited with Prince Eric. They stare into each other’s eyes, kiss for a little, and are then interrupted by the Jolly Roger coming back into town. Talk about ruining a moment, huh? Everyone is given a warm and loving welcome, including Henry, well, Pan. The Lost boys see daylight for the first time in who knows how long. Seriously though, why was Neverland so dim? Rumpel also reunites with Belle and shows what a strangely cute couple they are.Once-Upon-a-Time-28-550x366

The gang heads over to Granny’s to celebrate. Tink and the Blue fairy have an awkward run-in where the Blue fairy refuses to give Tink her wings, even after Regina vouches for her. Emma gives Henry his fairytale book, the book that started this whole fiasco, and also sees that there is something weird going on with Henry. Emma is also offended when Henry asks to stay with Regina instead of her. Neal, on the other hand, would love to stay with Emma and asks her on a date. She does not give him an answer but he says he will be at the diner the next day and for her to meet him there if she wants.

The next day at Granny’s, Rumpel gives David the elixir for the dreamshade, David downs it like a champ, and David is cured! All is well in the world. Well, not really. It is never well in OUAT. David and Snow realize Neal is sitting there alone so David goes to find Emma.

While at Regina’s, Henry asks Regina about her magic and the vault that it is kept in but Regina will not give answers. Instead she gives her love (shocking, I know) and tucks him into bed. So she really tucked in Peter Pan who is really Rumpel’s dad. Hmm, I guess that’s not the weirdest thing we’ve seen. Henry/Pan gets out of bed (bad Henry) and goes to the window to summon his shadow. The next day the shadow of the Blue Fairy is taken by this shadow. Aww, poor innocent fairy.

This only makes Emma more sure that there is something up with Henry so she asks Rumpel to release Pan from Pandora’s box. This must be done outside of city limits so magic cannot be used and so Pan doesn’t kill them. No worries, though. Emma quizzes Pan and turns out it is Henry! They hug (awkwardly considering Pan is just a tad bit taller than Henry) and go back inside of city limits. Watch out folks, they’re on a mission.

o-OUAT-PETER-PAN-CURSE-131208-facebookThe gang goes to Regina’s vault, where Regina has brought “Henry” to keep him safe from the shadow. “Henry” pulled one over on Regina by using her own magic to knock her out and the gang finds Regina laying there unconscious. They wake her up only to realize that “Henry” took the curse that Regina originally used to make Storybrooke and make everyone forget their fairytale lives. This will make everyone forget who they are so needless to say, they must stop Peter Pan. We then find Peter Pan (still in Henry’s body) telling Felix his plans of making Storybrooke into the new Neverland. What a downer.

This week’s flashback shows Regina rudely barging in on Snow and Charming’s wedding. Snow wants to do something about this but Charming convinces Snow there is nothing they can do so they might as well go on their honeymoon. Snow agrees but with a different plan in mind. They go to Snow’s parents’ summer palace where we are shown some slightly uncomfortable scenes about sex between the happy couple.

Snow sneaks off into the woods, well, she thinks it’s sneaky but finds Charming there waiting for her. She informs Charming of her plan to turn Regina into stone using Medusa’s head and Charming agrees to help if that will satisfy her. They go to the cave where Medusa resides and get ready to cut her head off. The only problem is when they try to cut it off it does not work. Instead Charming gets turned into stone, Snow sees Regina in the shield, and then Snow makes Medusa see her own reflection in the shield, causing her to turn to stone. Charming turns back into flesh and blood and the couple lives happily ever after. Well, not really, but they enjoy their honeymoon and probably continue that sex talk they originally started.

Next week we see Pan’s curse starting to hit the town so watch Once Upon A Time season 3, episode 11, “Going Home”, next Sunday at 8pm on ABC to see if the people of Storybrooke can stop it! Then check back for my recap!


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