The ABC’s of Lost

Ajira Airways flight 316

This is the flight that the Oceanic Six take back to the island after being convinced by Ben that they need to go back. Oh and can’t forget Frank who also went back on this flight…unknowingly of course. This is also the plane that the survivors use to get off of the island in the finale. Kate, Sawyer, Miles, Claire, Frank and  Richard (who is probably the most anxious to get off of the island considering he was there for, well, a very long time) make it off of the island alive.

Bamboo forest

This is the forest that Jack wakes up in when the plane first crashes and also where he dies, both of these times being accompanied by one of the only ones that makes it through the entire series alive…Vincent!


Being that these people were stranded on a deserted (or so they thought) island, setting up camp was vital. Two of the camps these survivors set up were in the beach and in the caves.

DHARMA initiative

These people were the scientific research group that set up all of the different stations on the island to do research. Unfortunately for them, they get wiped out by the Purge. They get another shot at it though when Sawyer, Juliet, and some of the other characters travel back in time and become a part of this initiative.

Eloise Hawking

Eloise was a former leader of the Others, and also Daniel’s mom. This lead to the shocking discovery of Charles Widmore being the father of Daniel. Eloise ends up shooting Daniel not knowing that it was her future son. Cue the tears.

Flight 815

Oceanic flight 815…the flight that brought all of these people to the island.

Glass eye

When the tailies are looking in the Arrow station they find 3 items: a Bible, a radio transmitter and this glass eye but we never find out whose it was.

Hydra Island

This was the island where the Others brought Jack, Kate and Sawyer. It’s also the island where they work on their “projects”. Ya know, like breaking rocks and such.


Well, considering this whole show is about an island, this one seems pretty fitting. There’s Hydra Island and of course the Main Island where all of the Lost shenanigans take place.


Jacob was the protector of the island…for over 2,000 years! He is also the brother and enemy of the Man in Black who takes many different forms throughout the show. After 2,000 years of taking care of the island, Jacob was killed by Ben. Well, he had a good run I guess.


The freighter that Charles Widmore sent to find and recapture the island is eventually blown up by c4, killing Michael or “Kevin Johnson”. It was called “Kahana” in case you didn’t know.

“Live together or die alone”

The famous phrase Jack said in his speech when things weren’t going so smoothly, when all they had to worry about was where to get water and how to hunt a boar…not the island sinking, time travel, or an ageless man living in an Egyptian statue. The good ‘ole days.


Oh, the smoke monster…or the Man in Black. He takes the form of smoke, Yemi, Christian and John Locke.


4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Hurley’s winning lottery numbers, the numbers that had to be entered when pushing the button, the numbers on the soccer girls’ jerseys in the airport, etc. Needless to say, they are some pretty important numbers.


The group of people who live on the island. They may capture people, and torture them, and maybe even kill them, but they’re not all bad! Well, Juliet’s not at least.

Polar bears

Who knew polar bears could live on a tropical island? Well, in Lost they do and they are some deadly animals.


After discovering the Hatch, the survivors noticed that this is what the Hatch door read.

Room 23

This is where Walt, Karl and even Jin were kept when captured by the Others, or Charles Widmore in Jin’s case. Karl was strapped in a chair in this room and brainwashed by a video until Alex, Kate and Sawyer saved the day.

Swan station

The Swan Station, AKA the Hatch. Boone and Locke originally found it and the survivors end up finding food and such inside, oh and Desmond inside also.


And everyone thought they were dead…these people were in the tail end of the plane that fell in the ocean. Rose was the only one who believed they were alive and she was right! Rose and Bernard lived happily ever after…well at least we think so.

Underwater station
Not Penny's Boat

The Looking Glass was an underwater station where Desmond and Charlie went to disable the jamming equipment. They succeeded but Charlie had to risk his life to do it. RIP Charlie.


Vincent is probably the most loyal character in the whole show. He was there when Jack first woke up and also when he died. He just roamed the island throughout the whole show and survived…clearly Vincent did it right.


This is the wheel below the Orchid Station that Ben turned to move the island. This is what started the time travel for the characters still on the island. John Locke ended up turning it again to stop the damage that Ben caused and stop the time flashes. Time may have stopped in the 70’s but hey, why not try living in a new decade. What’s life without a little adventure, right?

Xposé (Exposé)

So clearly Exposé does not start with an X but apparently nothing does so this is the closest that there is! This was the show that Nikki starred on before her and Paulo were accidentally buried alive on the island. But at least it was accidental.


Yemi was Eko’s younger brother who died in a plane crash on the island…a different plane…filled with heroin. His body was also taken over by the Man in Black on the island.


This was one of the fields that the DHARMA initiative studied on the island at the Hydra station. This explains why there were polar bears on the island and animal cages where Sawyer and Kate were kept.


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