Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 9 Recap: “Save Henry” and Finally Leave Neverland

Once Upon A Time season 3, episode 9 “Save Henry” aired this past Sunday and the gang in Neverland had to beat the clock to save Henry’s life. This episode told the story of Henry’s adoption and finally brought us out of Neverland. Is anyone else really happy about this? Don’t get me wrong, Neverland was a good time (well to watch at least) and all but enough is enough. Read on for the full recap!

The episode opens with the curse being brought upon fairytale land and Rumpel behind bars. He reminds Regina of how the savior has the power and also tells her that one day she will come to him to fill the hole in her heart. We also got to hear the Rumpel laugh we all know and love!

Well whattaya know…Rumpel was right! In Storybrooke Ms. Mayor goes to Gold to fill this “hole” he once told her about because she was not having any luck with adoption agencies. Gold helps her out and just happens to know of a child in Boston that Regina could adopt. She goes to Boston and adopts little Henry.

UnknownWhen she brings him home Henry is quite fussy and will not give Regina a break. Even as a baby Henry was just so…good. He saw right through Regina. Regina brings the baby to the hospital thinking there is something wrong, but no…it’s just her! We do get to see Dr. Whale again…and with short hair. Regina also comes across Mary Margaret in the hospital and she is able to get Henry to stop crying. The former evil queen then calls in Once-Upon-a-Time-Season-3-Episode-9-Save-Henry-04-550x366an illegal favor from Sydney to find some background information on the baby.

Fast forward to Neverland: Regina, Emma and Neal try to keep Henry alive. Regina reminds Emma that Emma has Snow and Charming while Regina only has Henry. They decide the only way to save their son is to work together. Teamwork, yeah!

Emma decides to use her motherly charm and talk to the Lost Boys. She ends up getting through to all but one and tells them she will take them back to Storybrooke with her. Felix is the one finicky Lost Boy but maybe he’ll come around…or not.

The Lost Boys reveal that Pan has gone to his thinking tree so the ladies go while Neal takes care of Henry and Hook prepares the Jolly Roger. At the tree the two ladies are captured by Pan’s tree that feeds off of regret. Lucky for them Regina has no regrets (hmm…well that’s strange) and breaks free from the tree’s grasp. She takes Henry’s heart from Pan and also grabs the box holding Rumpelstiltskin.

Rewind: Regina realizes who this child is and accuses Rumpel of setting it up. Rumpel does not remember anything (or does he?) and denies the accusations. Regina then goes to Boston to return this child, only to realize she does actually want him. That’s too bad for the 2 people who are supposed to adopt Henry when Regina brings him back…the Darling boys! Shocker!

Regina ends up telling baby Henry about a Queen who takes a potion to forget her past,605467 and then ends up being that Queen. She drinks the potion and forgets her past. Doesn’t she realize she just took the potion though? And then wonder why? Does she wonder what that potion is if she sees it sitting there and doesn’t remember taking it? So many questions about this potion! I’m confused! Help!

Once.Upon_.a.Time_.S03E09.720p.HDTV_.XviD_.DailyFliXFast forward again: Regina puts Henry’s heart back inside of him right on time and tucks him in on the boat. She also casts a spell to protect his heart. Why is this the first time we’re seeing this spell? It seems like an important one with all of the heart-ripping-out in this show. After she leaves the room though Pan shows up (dun dun dun) and apologizes for what is about to happen.

On the boat Rumpel is removed from the box and reunited with Bae. Bae calls him papa and everyones’ hearts melt. Rumpel goes down to check on Henry only to find Pan trying to rip out his shadow. Luckily Rumpel has Pandora’s box and captures Pan inside of him. How’s that for revenge, Pan? You get what you give, that’s a saying, right?

David unleashes Pan’s shadow and Regina puts it onto the sail; their journey back to Storybrooke begins. Tink and Regina also share a friendly moment on board. Tink realizes she is getting her magic back from the pixie dust that Wendy gave her. I guess believing is starting to work for her. Wendy, Tinker Bell, The Lost Boys, David, Snow, Hook, Rumpelstiltskin, Bae/Neal, Regina, Emma, and Henry are all aboard and ready to go back home and live happily ever after.

Well, maybe not. After Henry comes up on the boat and shares a hug with his father, he approaches Felix and starts to say things like, “Pan never fails”. Plot twist: turns out Pan is inside of Henry’s body. I guess that’s what that twinkle in Henry and Pan’s eyes was when Pan was being captured inside of Pandora’s box.

What will happen to Henry and Pan and the rest of the crew with Pan joining them in Storybrooke? Only time will tell! Watch season 3, episode 10, “The New Neverland” next Sunday at 8pm on ABC. Judging by the name it’s sure to be a good one! Then check back for my recap!


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