Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: Peter Pan Added to the Family Tree

This week the Neverland gang reunited and the family tree only got bigger. As shocking as the newly revealed family member is, is it really that shocking? Once Upon A Time clearly loves adding more and more branches to this tree so maybe it should have been expected. Either way, OUAT delivered an exciting episode so read on for the recap of season 3, episode 8 “Think Lovely Thoughts”.

This week’s flashback was one that everyone has been waiting for…we finally found out the name of Rumpel’s doll! Although that was probably the most important part of the episode, a lot of other stuff happened in this flashback. Rumpel was the cutest little kid with the cutest little accent. His father was not cut out to be a father because he was a cheat and only cared about himself. Let’s not forget about how he dropped Rumpel off to stay with these 2 women who spin string for a living. No worries though, his father gave him a doll to replace him. That’s equivalent to a dad, right? He tells Rumpel to give it a name. The suspense is killing everyone who is watching as we do not yet find out the name.

Rumpel turns out to be great at spinning string, according to these ladies. They also offer little Rumpel a magic bean that will take him anywhere he wants to go. The innocent little Rumpelstiltskin brings this bean to his father so they can go somewhere together and start over. His father, Malcolm, remembers having dreams about a place that they can go and this place turns out to be none other than Neverland. Didn’t see that coming.

They jump into the portal and arrive on the island. Rumpel tests out the magic by imagining a piece of cake and voila…a piece of cake! There is only one problem. Rumpel’s dad cannot use this magic because he is no longer a child. He tries to fly but face plants into the ground instead. Ouch. But wait…there may be a solution. Pixie dust!

1337087175pre-1384382767Back in present day Neverland, Rumpel and Regina find the crew again. Neal reveals that Rumpel is only there to kill Henry and everyone loses what little trust they had in him. He admits that that was his original plan but that his plan is different now. They all agree to let him stay as long as he doesn’t use magic and gives Neal Pandora’s box. JENNIFER MORRISON, ROSE MCIVER, GINNIFER GOODWIN, LANA PARRILLA, JOSH DALLAS, MICHAEL RAYMOND-JAMES, COLIN O'DONOGHUE

Tink (on that nickname basis now apparently) leads them all to Pan’s camp where FREYA TINGLEY, MICHAEL RAYMOND-JAMESRegina puts all of the Lost Boys to sleep. Only one problem…Pan and Henry are not there. Back to square one I guess. There is hope though when the prisoner, AKA Wendy, cries for help. Her and Baelfire/Neal reunite in one of the cutest moments. I wonder if they find it weird that they used to be the same age…hmm. Neal is shocked to find out that Wendy became Pan’s prisoner when she went to the island to find him. Aww. Wendy reveals Pan’s plan. Now that’s the Wendy Darling we all know and love! She is also excited to know that her Once-Upon-a-Time-32-550x825brothers, who are now awkwardly old, are alive in Storybrooke.

Snow and Charming go to get water to keep David alive so they can get back to Storybrooke, while Hook and Tink go to the Jolly Roger to prepare to leave. Meanwhile, Regina, Emma, Rumpel, and Neal set off to Skull Rock to retrieve Henry. Once they get there they realize that only those without a shadow can enter. So only Rumpel can enter. The one who originally wanted to kill Henry. Well that’s good. He promises to save Henry though and goes into Skull Rock with Pandora’s box.

Regina and Emma work together to find a way around this spell. Together they block the moon in order to remove their shadows.

Back in the flashback we see that Malcolm has encountered the shadow. Because he realizes that he cannot enjoy Neverland with the responsibility of having a son, he finds a solution. He makes a deal with this shadow. The shadow gives him his youth and takes Rumpel away from him so he does not have to deal with a child. Being that Malcolm is now a youth again, he needs a new name and decides to take the name that Rumpel used for his doll. What is this name you ask? Peter Pan! Everyone gasps.

Now in the present we see that Peter Pan and Rumpelstiltskin, AKA father and son, have reunited. We also see the giant hourglass that measures how much youth Pan has left and right now, he does not have much. This is why Pan needs Henry; he needs the heart of the truest believer to give himself his youth. Rumpel pulls out Pandora’s box but oh no! It’s a fake. Pan proves to be quite the magician and pulls out the real box only to trap Rumpel inside. He also further proves to be the worst father ever.

Regina, Emma, and Neal join the party and try to convince Henry that Pan is lying. This kid is just a little bit too gullible and ends up believing Pan, gives him his heart, and collapses to the ground. Pan flies away with his newfound youth. Maybe this kid should learn to not be the truest believer, huh?

Well that’s where Once Upon A Time leaves us hanging. Everyone finally got to see Peter Pan’s backstory without even knowing it and we were all left wondering if Henry will survive. That’s it for this week but watch season 3, episode 9 (“Save Henry”) of Once Upon A Time December 1 at 8pm on ABC and then check back for my recap!


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