Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: The Darling Storybrooke and The Not-So-“Dark Hollow”

Home sweet home! This week Once Upon A Time, season 3 episode 7, “Dark Hollow”, brought us back to the place we all know and love: Storybrooke! Rumpelstiltskin and Regina have finally found a possible way out thanks to Ariel and Belle. Neil and Hook fight over Emma at the worst possible times and Snow and Charming hit a bit of a rough patch. So now let’s get to the details.

The episode started off with a flashback (who knew it was only 5 days ago) of Rumpel tumblr_mw2s7dSY6b1s545blo1_500-1saying his last goodbyes to Belle and telling Belle she has to protect Storybrooke with a cloaking spell before more of Pan’s slaves arrive. Well that plan didn’t last…the slaves see the “cloak” coming down, speed up really fast in their car, and manage to make it into Storybrooke before they are shut out from the town. But oh no, they lost their bumper! You win some, you lose some I guess.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Back in Neverland Rumpel and Regina give Ariel the instructions she needs to retrieve whatever it is that will help them out of this mess and Ariel swims into the horizon. She swims ashore and puts on her bracelet that will give her legs. She finds the dwarves hanging out at the beach and has them direct her to Belle. Belle is so happy to know that she is needed by Rumpel since he left her behind in Storybrooke. She is given what every girl waits their whole life for…a sand dollar. Oh, you mean that’s not what every girl wants? She is just as confused by this as we are. But wait! Belle points a magnifying glass at it (because, duh, why wouldn’t you think to do that) and a hologram of Rumpel appears. He tells Belle she can do it blah blah blah but leaves out the most important part…what it is she’s looking for and where. No worries, though, because he gives the clue about the chipped mug, saying something about using their love to find it, and all is well! That is until Pan’s British Minnesotans show up and steal Pandora’s box and proceed to tie up Belle and Ariel. They break out the fins (Ariel’s of course) and escape to find the Brits in theOUAT-11-10-2-550x366 mine. They convince them not to destroy the box and promise to save their sister who is Pan’s prisoner. Their sister goes by the name of…Wendy Darling! Which makes them the Darling brothers. We meet the Darlings AND find out who was in the cage all at the same time! It’s like Christmas! Belle and Ariel get the box back and Ariel swims her way back to Neverland. She hands over Pandora’s box, Regina gives her legs and Ariel lives happily ever after…for now. Who knows what will happen next in Neverland/Storybrooke/Enchanted Forest/whatever other land OUAT has gone to.

cb7f0ea1974543aac385824615ecb2b9In Neverland the gang breaks into 2…Snow and Charming and perhaps the most awkward group ever, Emma, Neil and Hook. Emma, Neil and Hook discover a way to get them off of the island: capturing Pan’s shadow which likes to hang out in the, not-so-dark, Dark Hollow. I don’t know about you but this “dark” hollow looked pretty red and bright to me. The tension between the 3 of these lovebirds grows stronger and Hook tells Emma that she will fall for him and in his exact words, “it will not be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.” Well, even if Emma doesn’t, I think all of us have already fallen for Hook. Neil also finds out about their steamy make-out sesh so that makes things a tad bit more awkward, as if they weren’t awkward enough already. Before heading to the red Dark Hollow, they stop off at Neil’s humble abode, his cave, to grab his star map…or I guess now it’s more like a shadow vacuum. What a versatile coconut that is. Once in the Dark Hollow, they decide to use a candle flame to capture the shadow, but when they can’t get the wick lit, the two testosterone filled men fight and fail to realize the 3 shadows about to attack them. Emma uses her magic (it conveniently works right now) and saves her two suitors and traps the shadow. She also tells them if she has to choose between them then she chooses Henry. And then we all say awww.

In other news, Snow finally forgives Charming and tells him she will stay with him no matter what. They make-up and all is right in the world.GINNIFER GOODWIN, JOSH DALLAS, ROSE MCIVER

The gang meets back up at Tink’s (they’re on a nick name basis) and they are ready to defeat Peter Pan and his Lost Boys.

Henry accuses Peter Pan of lying and keeping secrets (shocker!) and goes off on his own only to find Wendy in the tree house faking sick because Pan tells her too. Pan finds Henry and tells him only the heart of the truest believer can save them by going to Skull rock. Henry of course believes him and agrees to complete this task. No surprise there.

Well that wraps up Once Upon A Time season 3, episode 7, “Dark Hollow”. Catch “Think Lovely Thoughts” next Sunday at 8pm on ABC and look forward to the good vs. evil showdown we have all been waiting for! Then check back for my recap!


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