Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: “Ariel” and The Cave of Secrets

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived on Once Upon A Time…Ariel was introduced! Being that season 3, episode 6 is titled “Ariel” I don’t think anyone was surprised. Nonetheless it was a great episode and an amazing introduction to everyone’s favorite mermaid!

The flashback this episode was of course Ariel and she ran into none other than Snow White! Snow White seems to make a lot of friends back in the Enchanted Forest. They meet when Snow is being chased by Regina’s men (deja vu anyone?) and is forced to jump into the water to escape. Ariel saves Snow and then they have a nice little chat about Prince Eric. Ariel tells Snow about the ball Prince Eric is having that night and how she plans to meet him there. Although it was an “under the sea” ball it was in fact on land…and I’m not quite sure what the ball had to do with under the sea. Anyway, Ariel informs Snow about how mermaids can walk on land (with legs of course) during the high tide for 12 hours because of Ursula and then they make their way to the ball. They show up in dresses (where did they get these dresses?) and see Eric, who then sees Ariel and knows it’s love at first sight. These 2 lovebirds first met when Prince Eric was shipwrecked and Ariel saved him. They dance and Eric invites Ariel on a journey around the world and Ariel knows she must find a way to be able to go.

All while at the ball we find out that Regina is watching them through her mirror. Her soldier tells her that Snow died in the water, but unfortunately for him he was wrong…and so he died. Better luck next time. Ariel goes to the water to call on Ursula for help. Regina pretends to be Ursula and ends up giving Ariel a bracelet that she can use to keep her legs. This bracelet, though, also causes someone to lose their legs and become a mermaid. Ariel finds Snow and puts the bracelet on her, without permission might I add. Ariel thinks she is doing Snow a favor so she can escape from the queen but Snow is not happy. Regina pops in for a visit and Ariel realizes she made a booboo. When Ariel pretends to leave and Regina starts choking Snow, Ariel shows back up and stabs Regina in the neck with a fork. Silly, Ariel, forks are for eating…not stabbing people. She just learned though so we’ll let this one slide. Anyway, Ariel rips the bracelet off of Snow and they jump into the water. The next morning Ariel goes to find Eric but when she calls his name she realizes Regina took her voice away as punishment. Come on, Ariel, splash around or something!

Back in Neverland Regina is trying to teach Emma how to use her magic but it is not working. Hook also tells David and Snow in secrecy that Neal is alive and in Neverland. Snow, being the “great person” that she is, refuses to keep it a secret and tells Emma right away. Is anyone else getting a little tired of goody two-shoes Snow? Regina gets sick of it all and ends up leaving the group so she can do things her own way. The group realizes they have to go to the The Cave of Echoes to get Neal, where the only way to get out is to reveal your darkest secret, according to Hook. Hook reveals that he has feelings for Emma and everyones’ hearts melt. Snow reveals that she wants another baby because she missed all of Emma’s childhood, which leads David into telling Snow that because of the dream shade and cure he can never leave Neverland or he will die. Emma is then able to walk across the cave to Neal and tells him that she is still in love with him but was hoping he was dead so she wouldn’t have to relive the pain. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt, huh Neal? They all spill their guts and Neal is saved!

Rumpelstiltskin has another run-in with Pan who tries to get him to leave Neverland and go back to Belle. Rumpel is not having it and refuses, which then leads to Rumpel seeing another figment of his imagination…or so he thinks. The fake Belle tries talking Rumpel into leaving and going back to her but then Regina shows up and shows Rumpel it is just Pan playing tricks on him. The 2 evil characters join forces to rescue Henry. Rumpel remembers that he has something back in Storybrooke that will work, but they have no way of getting it. Unless of course they find someone who can travel between realms…hmm a mermaid perhaps? Regina calls on Ariel, who still doesn’t have a voice, to retrieve this valuable item. Ariel first refuses because, well, I think we all know why. Regina then offers her the chance to walk on land whenever she wants and a second chance with Prince Eric who is in Storybrooke. She takes this offer and begins her journey to her love…and her legs. Oh, and Regina gave Ariel her voice back. What an angel Regina is.

Next week’s episode, “Dark Hollow”, brings us all back to Storybrooke with Belle and the gang. Despite the fact that this town is the result of a terrible 28-year-long curse and the loss of all of these fairytale characters’ lives, it’s going to be nice to see Storybrooke again! Watch Once Upon A Time season 3, episode 7 next Sunday at 8pm on ABC and then check back for my recap!


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