Orphan Black: The Best of Alison Hendrix

Season 2 of Orphan Black is getting closer and closer…well, sort of. It is set to come back on TV in April 2014 and it can’t come soon enough. Just in case anyone is suffering from an Orphan Black withdrawal, let’s look back at some of the greatest moments from everyones’ favorite clones. More specifically in this post the greatest moments from the uptight, suburban soccer mom…Alison! Considering Alison essentially signed away her freedom without even knowing it at the end of season 1 it is even more appropriate to look at her best moments because who knows if she’ll have many more of them. We can only hope!

“Hide your ugly face”
When Sarah meets her uptight, paranoid clone, Alison delivers probably the most ironic, and not-so-insulting insult when she tells Sarah to hide her ugly face on the way out. Maybe Alison didn’t think that one through.

She’s so crafty!
Remember that time Alison tied Donnie up and locked him in her craft room only to torture him with a hot glue gun? She did this to try and get him to tell the truth about possibly being her monitor but does the reason really matter here? Either way this was hilarious, not to mention crafty!  I guess it’s only appropriate to use the hot glue gun in the craft room.

The intervention
When Aynsley sets up an intervention for Alison’s strange behavior, it is not Alison who gets grilled in the end. She hilariously calls Aynsley out for being the one who “blew the roofer at the cabin”. This is also when Alison develops probably the best and funniest friendship with Felix. Alison and Felix together…what more could you ask for?!

She’s a bitch…in the best way possible
Alison basks in her hysterically vengeful glory and rocks out to Meredith Brooks’ “I’m A Bitch” after sleeping with ferociously screwing her best friend’s (well ex-best friend…and then dead ex-best friend) husband, Chad, in a minivan. She puts her extreme pride on display with some awesome singing and dancing.

Well there you have it. This is the best (well at least in my opinion) from the high strung, neat and tidy soccer mom turned singing, drunk adulterer. Here’s to hoping that we see more of the hilariously unraveled Alison Hendrix!



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