Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: “Good Form” and Great Kisses

Once Upon A Time season 3, episode 5 really delivered this week and not only because Emma and Hook finally kissed! The one thing that was missing was everyone’s favorite villain: Rumpelstiltskin! Or was that just me who missed him? Well what did happen and finding out about Hook’s past made up for his absence. Read on to see what happened in “Good Form”.

This episode’s flashbacks are ones that everyone has been looking forward to because they’re all about Capitain Hook without eyeliner…unless you’re into that sort of thing. Whatever floats your boat…and in this case it’s Hook’s, AKA Killian Jones’, brother. Hook’s brother, Liam, is the captain on the ship that is supposed to set sail to an island that none of these men has ever seen before. And by sail…I mean fly using the feathers of the mythological beast, Pegasus. Yup, you read that right. When this beast sail gets them to the island and the two brothers make their way onto it they run into none other than Peter Pan, who seems surprisingly nice. Well, for a little while. He points them in the direction of the dream shade plant they are looking for and also explains the dark powers that this plant possesses. Liam being the apparently stubborn person that he is refuses to believe this even when the honorable and loyal Killian/Captain Hook does. Who knew honorable, loyal, and Captain Hook would all be used in the same sentence? When they reach the dream shade, being that Liam does not think his king would ever use such terrible powers to kill a bunch of men, he decides to prove it is nothing harmful by cutting himself with it. Well, lo and behold, he collapsed. Hook freaks out a little while probably thinking “I told you so” and Pan miraculously appears telling him there is a way to save his brother. He uses the water from the water fall to cure Liam, but of course all magic comes with a price as I think we all already know. It also only works in Neverland, which they unfortunately find out when Liam collapses and dies on the ship. Killian becomes captain, makes a really inspirational speech about how they are not listening to the king anymore, and changes the name of the ship to the Jolly Roger. That is the story of how Killian Jones became Captain Hook and started wearing eyeliner.

Back to the present. Peter Pan continues his mission to make Henry even more into a Lost Boy. A duel between Henry and another boy is started using sticks but Pan interrupts to show Henry his powers and how he can turn his stick into a sword. Henry uses this sword to cut the other boy’s face. Oh Henry, Emma would not be happy. Regina, on the other hand, would be the proudest mother out there, so in that case you go, kid!

Emma and the gang are still in the forest of Neverland and are starting to realize that the truest believer (Henry) may not be as much of a believer anymore with so much time passing and no sign of rescue. They want to find a way to let him know they are still looking for him. When Emma, Regina, and Snow encounter a Lost Boy, the one that Henry cut in the face, they must resort to evil to make him do what they want. Regina decides to do what she does best…rip out his heart! Snow begs Emma not to let Regina rip it out. Come on, Snow…live a little! Being good all the time must get boring! Luckily Emma does not listen to her and Regina rips it out. Regina sends the boy back to the camp with a mirror so they can communicate with Henry. Although Henry is at first reluctant to believe that it is not just one of Pan’s tricks, he finally starts to realize that his family is coming to save him. Maybe it was Snow yelling, “Henry, I’m here too” into the mirror that made him believe it, or maybe I just wanted to throw that little detail in there because it was really funny. Did anyone else die laughing at the way she said that?

David also finds himself closer and closer to death, and also closer and closer to popping Hook right in the mouth. Hook knows that the dream shade will kill David in a matter of hours and convinces him that the only way for them to find a way off of the island is to retrieve a sexton that might be on top of the mountain. David says farewell to his family forever in a gut-wrenching scene and these two pals (or enemies) make their way to the mountain. These two men bond and have a lovely conversation about their dead brothers and how they remind each other of them. Hook goes ahead of David so he can pull him up the mountain and finds Pan along the way. These two reunite and Pan tries to make a deal with Hook, telling him that he will let him off of the island if he lets David die. When David makes it to the top of the mountain he confronts Hook about hearing this deal and they get into a fight. Hook knocks David out and then makes him drink the water when he awakens. David is alive and all is well! Except for the fact that David must now stay in Neverland forever but let’s not ruin the moment. Besides, does anyone actually think he will have to stay there forever? Please. They make their way back to the ladies and tell them they couldn’t find the sexton, but that Hook saved David’s life. Hook and David don’t tell Emma, Snow, and Regina the real story of how he was on his death bed for days and didn’t tell them but that’s besides the point. David and Snow kiss like there’s no tomorrow (luckily there is now thanks to Hook) and make their daughter (still weird) feel super awkward. They are not the only ones that kiss though. Emma then kisses Hook in return for saving her father’s life and everyone cheers! Or just me…

Peter Pan had to ruin Hook’s moment of glory by telling him not to get his hopes up with Emma because Bae/Neal is actually alive and in Neverland. That brings me to my next point of how Neal was asleep in a cage that the Lost Boys hung up…next to another cage! Who’s in that cage?! That’s just another mystery we will all have to look forward to finding out.

If this week wasn’t exciting enough, a new fairytale character is in town (or in a magical land) and it’s…Ariel! Watch Once Upon A Time next Sunday at 8pm on ABC to finally see everyone’s favorite mermaid. Then look out for my episode 6 recap!



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