Nashville Season 2 Recap: Catch Up With Each Character Before Tonight’s Airing of “It Must Be You”

Nashville is going into the 6th episode of season 2 tonight and a lot has happened so far. 5 episodes is a lot and just in case you maybe got up to go to the bathroom during an important moment, got hit in the head and lost your memory, or just forget what happened– which is maybe the more common occurrence here– here is a recap of what has happened to each character in season  2.

Rayna Jaymes

So as everyone hopefully (and should) know, Rayna woke up in episode 1 after getting into a car accident with Deacon. She reverted back to her old pre-accident life and decided to play house with Teddy. Hey, house was fun when we were little, why not play it now, right? No? Ok, never mind. She eventually realized she was being silly and told Teddy they must end these shenanigans and then proceeded to put an end to whatever her and Deacon had. We all cried a little, Rayna and Dean cried a little, and they did not live happily ever after. She did, however, have a little fun with Liam. She called him in hopes of finishing the album they started together and in exchange for him saying yes she had to give him kisses and other sexual favors. They rekindled their relationship/fling. Rayna has also been dealing with the backlash of not telling Maddie about who her real father is. They’re working through it though and things seem to be looking up. She has also launched her newest record label with Scarlett as her first artist. Will was also supposed to be a part of it but even after Rayna’s very convincing argument to him, he signed with Edgehill instead. Rayna is also fed up with Jeff and wants to buy out her contract from Edgehill. She only knows one person with the 20 million dollars to do it and that person is her father, Lamar. What a shocker that he’s the only person…I thought everyone had 20 million dollars just laying around. Tandy, though, just turned over a ton of incriminating evidence to the feds about Lamar in episode 5 so looks like trouble is on the horizon and Rayna is in the dark about it all.

Juliette Barnes


Juliette has been realizing since season 1 that changing your image from the one that tweens love to the one that adults will take seriously is not an easy task. The fact that Rayna was in a near death car accident made it even more difficult for Juliette to get the attention she was looking for. Being that Juliette is, well…Juliette, her image and fame were more important to her than Rayna’s well-being so in the beginning of season 2 the country music star set up a vigil for Rayna in hopes of gaining some recognition. She even went on to film a TV special in her hometown to redeem herself, which in the end just made her face her demons and get really emotional. Juliette may not have gained as much recognition as she had wanted to but she did gain a friend and that friend is Maddie Conrad, Rayna’s daughter. Maddie leans on Juliette and even though Juliette is a selfish, full of herself, diva she proves that she can actually be a good friend. She is even there for Maddie when Maddie runs away after finding out that Teddy is marrying Peggy and calls Juliette for help. Another friend that Juliette gains is Avery. Ya know, her guitarist and Scarlett’s ex. She ruins this though (shocker!) when describing him as just someone on her payroll. Ouch! Juliette performs at a huge mansion for a couple who owns a lot of important assets to her fame…and then hooks up with the husband. Yes, he’s married. He then proceeds to buy Juliette a car. Trouble in paradise with that marriage, huh? Juliette also has to find someone to go on tour with her after Rayna drops out of it. She recruits Leyla (the newest Juliette Barnes) and Will. Juliette is then invited to be a part of the Grand Ole Opry and all is well in Juliette’s life…until she overhears someone saying to Rayna that she is just a “flash in the pan”. I guess better luck next time? Well we will have to see how that drama unravels.

Deacon Claybourne


Deacon starts off season 2 in the most magical place on earth…jail! Oh wait, that’s Disneyworld. Well he is in jail because they think he was driving drunk when him and Rayna crashed. He is super angry and rather unpleasant while in jail even when the lawyer assigned to him is trying to help. Even though he knows Rayna was the one driving the car, he does not tell because he wants to be punished in jail. This lawyer, however, eventually finds out that Deacon was keeping this little secret to himself and gets him out of jail, which Deacon is not happy about. Scarlett moves in with him in order to keep an eye on him and he continues to be a bitter, angry drunk. Rayna breaks up with him and makes him sad, and then he realizes his hand is messed up and he many never play the guitar again. It is just not Deacon’s season. Well until he goes to his doctor and is told there’s a slight chance he can play if he suffers through physical therapy. He refuses to go and gets a cast. Okay so it’s still not his season. But wait! Scarlett yells at him and makes him realize he needs to try, so he cuts his cast off and begins physical therapy. He also starts going to his AA meetings and finally discusses his problems with his father. Things are looking up as Deacon then goes to see the lawyer who got him out of jail to apologize and offers to take her to dinner. They go to dinner and hit it off. Wow, looks like Deacon finally likes someone who isn’t Rayna! They seem to be dating now and Deacon finally smiles, or maybe smirks. Close enough! Juliette pays Deacon a visit and offers him a spot on the tour but he says that chapter is over. Now Deacon is just working on fixing his hand and building a relationship with his lawyer.

Scarlett O’Connor


Scarlett started off this season ending her relationship with Gunnar and moving in with Deacon. Her best friend, Zoe, is also in the mix now. As the newest artist on the Highway 65 label, Scarlett has been struggling with the publicity part of being famous but has no trouble with the singing. She does a great job singing at Jeff’s show thing even though she was not even supposed to perform. She also underwent a makeover that made her look like Taylor Swift. Yikes. She struggles with being true to herself now that she is becoming a star. Her publicist begins feeding her lines that she has to recite to make herself sound better, but Leyla convinces her to just be herself (which she knows will not work in Scarlett’s favor) because she’s jealous of Scarlett’s relationship with Will. 2 things…how old is Leyla? She looks 14. And Will is gay…so good luck with that, Leyla! Scarlett screws up and is sent home. She is not too shaken up though and jokes about it with Deacon.

Gunnar Scott


At the end of season 1 Gunnar proposed to Scarlett and we find out in season 2 she said no. He has a party, burns her couch, and then gets over it. He starts writing music again and is faced with the decision of whether or not to let Will have one of his songs. Although Will goes ahead and sings it without permission, Gunnar refuses to give Will permission to record it. That’s right, Gunnar. Stand your ground! He also starts writing and singing songs with Avery. Yup, Avery! Scarlett’s 2 exes hanging out and jamming together, how cute. They also recruit Zoe so they can have a female voice. After Avery leaves the jam sesh, Gunnar admits he wrote the song they sang for Zoe and him and Zoe hook up. I wonder how Scarlett is going to feel about this.

Will Lexington


Will was faced with the choice of whether to sign with Highway 65 or just Edgehill and ultimately chose Jeff and Edgehill instead of Rayna and Highway 65. No hard feelings though, Rayna understands. He was also faced with his ex-boyfriend and gets really angry. Not as angry as when he finds out he will be working with him, though. His ex ends up helping him and Will starts to make it big. Will realizes working with his ex might be a great thing He runs into a little bump in the road when he sings Gunnar’s song without permission, Jeff loves it, and then Jeff wants him to record it. Will faces the wrath of Jeff when he tells him he can’t record it. He redeems himself though and proves he is ready to go on tour with Juliette and Leyla. He also realizes Leyla sabotaged Scarlett and confronts her about it so HA, take that Leyla!

Avery Barkley


Avery is still Juliette’s guitarist and also becomes her friend. He goes to her hometown with her for her TV special and also goes to the Wentworth’s mansion. This is where he overhears Juliette talking about how he is not really her friend and then he quits as her guitarist. He ends up going back to the Bluebird where he starts working again and also starts singing and writing with Gunnar. He also started talking to Scarlett again and they prove they can still be friends. Avery is quickly going from my least favorite character to one of my favorites and I’m excited to see how his story plays out. He and Juliette make up and are friends again. She asks him to go on tour with her and be her guitarist again but he says no and instead she gives him the key to her studio while she is gone.

Teddy Conrad


Teddy tries to make things work with Rayna after her accident but leaves after Rayna says they can’t pretend to be together. He also tells Peggy he will help with the baby financially but that’s it, even though she’s not actually pregnant. Teddy ends up being with Peggy and proposes to her in order to help his image. I guess it wouldn’t look too great if the mayor has a baby with someone who he isn’t married to. He even tells her that is the reason but she is okay with that. She also keeps trying to actually get pregnant so he will never find out she lied. The two attend the gala together where his children find out he is getting married. Needless to say, they are not happy. Maddie makes this clear when she runs away. Teddy is also still on a mission to sabotage Lamar.

Lamar Wyatt



There is not too much to say about Lamar except for that he is still scheming and such. He also begins to build his relationship with Rayna again. He agrees to lend Rayna the 20 million dollars to buy herself out of her contract, and then gets arrested at the end of episode 5. The end.

Tandy Hampton


Rayna’s sister starts to get suspicious of her mother’s death and what Lamar, their father, had to do with it. She ends up finding out that Lamar planned the “accident” and he was the reason their mother died. She does not tell Rayna yet but starts to take action with this new information and hands it over to the feds.

Maddie and Daphne Conrad


Maddie faces the aftermath of finding out that her father is Deacon. She starts off this season angry at her mother for not telling her the truth and gains a friend in Juliette. She also runs away at the gala after finding out about Teddy and Peggy’s engagement. After being so angry at Rayna and refusing to talk to her, she cries it out with her and they make up. Daphne is just being the adorable girl and amazing singer that she always has been. Maddie and Daphne continue to sing together and do it better than pretty much everyone.

Well that’s about it for the first 5 episodes of season 2. I may have forgotten some stuff but this is the gist of it. Episode 6 airs tonight and from the promo it looks like a drama filled night of hook-ups between Juliette and married man, and Scarlett and Avery. Plus more of the drama Nashville has to offer. Watch Nashville season 2, episode 6, “It Must Be You”, tonight at 10pm on ABC and then check back for my recap.


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