Once Upon A Time Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: Can Rumpelstiltskin Break His “Nasty Habits”?

Once Upon A Time continued season 3 Sunday night with a Rumpelstiltskin focused episode. With dancing and music filled flashbacks, the rescuing (and then losing again) of Henry, and some magical squid ink, this episode delivered pretty much nothing in terms of new information. Emma and the gang are no closer to finding Henry than last week, Rumpel’s past with Pan was hinted at but not revealed, and most importantly Emma and Hook still have not kissed! Come on OUAT, let’s move this relationship along. Even just a fling or hook-up (see what I did there?) would be fine.

“Nasty Habits” flashes back to Bae and Rumpelstiltskin when Bae did not trust his father. Oh wait…yup, it’s exactly the same now. No surprise there. Peter Pan proves that he knows how to throw a great dance party by playing his pipe and getting boys who are lost (hence the Lost Boys) to join the party. Bae is one of these boys and Rumpel tries to get him to come home. He ruins it though and Bae ends up running away. We also find out that Rumpel and Peter Pan have much more of a past than anyone would have thought and Pan apparently betrayed Rumpel. This is the one thing that this episode did shock everyone with.1332307678pre-1381855086

It is Bae (excuse me…Neal) that reunited with Peter Pan in this episode and he makes it very clear that his name is Neal, not Bae! Before he reunites with Peter Pan, he runs into his father in not your typical father-son moment. When Rumpelstiltskin is finally convinced it is actually his son and not a figment of his imagination like Belle, they go on together to try and find Henry. Neal strategically uses squid ink to get Henry back, and goes on to use this squid ink on his father. After finding out that Rumpelstiltskin was supposed to kill Henry, Neal cannot trust him and must leave him. The writers really love to show everyone how Neal does not trust Rumpel…over and over again. Neal heroically throws the unconscious Henry over his shoulder and traverses through the forest…until Peter Pan and the Lost Boys take Henry back and capture Neal. Good try, Neal. Better luck next time. Was anyone really surprised when Pan pops out from the bushes and takes Henry again?

Henry and his flannel shirt are still stuck with Peter Pan and his dance party. Henry does not hear the sound of the pipe at first because he still believes that he will be rescued. Come on, kid. Maybe it’s time to stop believing in everything. Well apparently Henry starts to realize this. After not even knowing his father came to rescue him and failed, Henry starts to think that no one is coming to get him. He is just another Lost Boy who hears the sound of the pipe. He hears the pipe and starts to dance. What’s more shocking…that Henry heard the pipe or that he starts to dance? Who knew the most serious kid in the world would actually let loose and bust a move.

Once-Upon-a-Time-Season-3-Episode-4-Nasty-HabitsThis episode focused a lot less on Emma, Snow White, Prince Charming, Regina and Hook. In fact, they seem to be in the same place in their search for Henry as they were before this episode. Tinker bell asks them what their escape plan is and the answer is, well, they don’t have one. They really thought this one through, huh? Tink is not willing to be a part of their very incomplete plan and decides to leave. Being that Bae/Neal is the only person that ever made it off the island of Neverland, Emma and friends (or enemies? parents? possible love interests?) make their way to his humble abode…aka the cave he lived in. They look for a clue to how he escaped and just find a bunch of pictures drawn on the walls. I guess Bae spent his time perfecting his art skills. What else is there to do alone in a cave? Just when they are ready to give up on searching they find…drum roll please…a coconut! Bae used this to throw at all the Lost Boys and escape. Oh wait, no…that’s not right. Just kidding! Emma realizes this coconut shows a map, but no one can read it but Bae himself. Unfortunately, they all think Bae/Neal is dead and Emma gets sad. Don’t worry, Emma. Neal is alive! He may have just been captured by Peter Pan but he’s alive!

Well that’s pretty much what happened in Sunday night’s episode titled “Nasty Habits”. The preview for next week shows what we have all been waiting for…Emma and Hook kissing AND Hook without eyeliner! It doesn’t get any better than that. Watch Once Upon A Time next Sunday at 8pm on ABC and then check back for my recap!


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