Tim McGraw Is Returning To The Big Screen In New Disney Movie

Tim McGraw is proving yet again that country music is not the only business he excels in as he preps to hit the big screen in a new movie coming out next year.

McGraw set off for Vancouver last week to start filming Tomorrowland, the extremely secretive sci-fi mystery set to hit theaters in December of 2014. This Disney movie is directed by Brad Bird, who also directed The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible 4. Although this plot is being kept under wraps, it apparently involves a curious teenager and a former boy-genius who set off on a scientific mission together.

Tomorrowland takes place at the time of the 1964 New York World’s Fair, which is where Walt Disney unveiled some extremely popular attractions including “It’s a small world”. This famous fair, along with its attractions, has been recreated and will be featured in the film.

Tim McGraw is not the only big name that will appear in this highly anticipated film; George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson and Judy Greer are just a few of the others that are expected to make this film a big hit. There is no word yet on who Tim McGraw will be playing, but it is known that Hugh Laurie is set to play the mayor.

The country superstar is no stranger to acting and working with the biggest names in Hollywood, and Tomorrowland is just another title to add to his already established list of successes. This list of movies includes Friday Night Lights, Flicka, Four Christmasses, The Blind Side and Country Strong and if that sounds impressive, just take a look at some of the Hollywood icons that Tim has worked with.

In Friday Night Lights, Tim starred alongside Billy Bob Thornton, Amber Heard and Connie Britton. He plays an abusive and alcoholic father to one of the football players. This movie was just the start of McGraw’s successful acting career. He went on to star as the father of a girl who aspires to take over her family’s ranch in Flicka alongside Maria Bello. Tim McGraw also proves that he is able to act in a variety of different genres, as he goes on to pursue a smaller role in the comedy, Four Christmasses, with the famed Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. In what is arguably Tim’s most acclaimed film, The Blind Side, Tim plays Sean Tuohy, the father who takes in a homeless boy. Tim’s wife in the movie is played by none other than Sandra Bullock. It is no surprise that Tim McGraw also went on to star in Country Strong considering it involves country music. He, though, did not sing at all and instead left the singing to Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, who is his character’s wife.

Both Tim McGraw’s acting and music careers are skyrocketing and everyone should expect to see a lot more coming from this country star. Tim recently released his newest album, “Two Lanes of Freedom”, in February of this year and is already working on his next album. By looking at this his new movie project, it is obvious that his acting career is going strong as well. Needless to say, Tim McGraw is doing some big things in both the music and acting industry and he really is a force to be reckoned with.


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