Nashville Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Favorite Couple Calls It Quits, Juliette Faces Her Demons at Home


Well Nashville managed to do it again…convey more drama in 1 hour than I ever will in my life. Episode 2 of Nashville season 2 delivered a captivating episode, much like the season premiere last week. Although this episode didn’t fare so well with our 2 favorite country stars, Rayna and Juliette, some other characters came out on top while leaving some knives in their friends’ back. I’m looking at you Will.

CONNIE BRITTON, HAYDEN PANETTIERESo after Juliette pretends to like Rayna and has a whole candlelight vigil in order to help out her own career, karma bites her in the butt. She has an interview with Conan and all he talks about is Rayna and then she finds out her album is getting beat by “The Best of Rayna James”. Ouch, that hurts. The karma continues when she has a meeting with the new head of the record label who is clearly not a fan of Juliette or her not so successful plan to get away from her teenybopper image.

She comes up with a plan though and films a TV special in her hometown in order to boost her image. Here we find out her dad died when she was young, she lived in a trailer park, and she has a neighbor who has way too many baby pictures of Juliette…enough to make a whole quilt. Juliette claims this is all for publicity and to sell albums, but we all know those tears are real. I guess she can’t hide from her past. I also cannot ignore the fact that she brought Avery with her. Maybe we can look forward to Averette…at least I hope so! At one point Juliette asks Avery why he cares and he says, “because we’re friends.” That was the moment my heart melted. These 2 could both use a friend…or maybe more than a friend if you know what I mean.

Rayna is out of the hospital now and playing house with Teddy. He holds her hand at one point and everyone feels awkward. Luckily, Rayna nips it in the bud and the potential for them getting back together is gone…yes! Also in the James household, Maddie is still mad at Rayna and understandably so. I might be kind of pissed if I found out my father is not my actual father…awwwkward! She points out to her mom that her mom is a liar, her dad is not her dad, and her real dad is an alcoholic. Right on point, Maddie! Well hopefully this awkward situation will become less awkward eventually but until then I will embrace the awkwardness.

CONNIE BRITTON, CLARE BOWENSo Scarlett has moved out of her house she shared with Gunnar and into Deacon’s house. Deacon is pretty much just an angry drunk the whole episode and does not want to try to fix his hand. Scarlett yells at Deacon multiple times to try and get him to get his life back together, but so far it is not proving too effective. Instead of doing physical therapy to try and save the use of his hand, Deacon gets a cast and gives up on it. Noooo Deacon, you can’t do this to us! What will we do if we can’t hear your awesome guitar playing?! Well we probably don’t need to worry about that considering at the end of this episode he cuts off the cast and tries to play. I guess something Scarlett said worked. You go, Scarlett! Before the whole cast debacle Deacon calls Rayna and they meet up. Of course I was hoping they would kiss and makeup but I knew that was a long shot. Long story short, Rayna broke his heart because she can’t keep waiting for him and they can’t save each other. She continues to twist the knife in Deacon’s heart and all of our hearts when she gives him his ring back.

Well Gunnar and Scarlett are not back together yet. After burning Scarlett’s couch, Scarlett’s best friend comes to pick up her stuff and in the process convinces Gunnar to write a song about heartbreak. He writes a song about his brother and performs it at The Blue Bird and everyone gets a little teary eyed, including me.

Will showed a whole new side of him in this episode, but we have to remember he is doing what is best for him. Although he was already set to be a part of Rayna’s record label, Highway 65, the new head of Edgehill, Jeff, tries to convince him to just be a part of Edgehill. Despite Rayna’s best efforts at convincing Will, he takes Jeff’s offer. Come on, Will. It’s Rayna James! You don’t say no to Rayna James! But he did and everyone was sad. Just to make his life a little more awkward though, Will finds out that his ex-boyfriend works with Jeff. No worries, though, the ex says he won’t tell anyone that Will is actually gay. Phew! What a relief…well, for Will because I think we are all anxiously waiting for him to come out. The one upside of this is maybe this leaves a spot open for Gunnar to play alongside Scarlett on Highway 65. I’m crossing my fingers.

The episode ends with a party hosted by Jeff. Here we find out that Will chose Jeff over Rayna and Juliette’s single was pushed out of the number one spot by newcomer, Layla Grant, who is pretty much the singer Juliette used to be before she realized she didn’t want pink glitter flying out of cannons or to sing for teenage girls for the rest of her life. Needless to say, this night was not the best night for our 2 favorite country stars. On a somewhat brighter note, Rayna decides she is leaving Edgehill and just focusing on Highway 65. For some reason I do not see Jeff being happy with this. This means war.

Now all I want is a nice father-daughter moment between Deacon and Maddie, Juliette and Avery to get together, and Scarlett and Gunnar to get back together. Is that too much to ask?! I guess I’ll just have to wait until next episode to see what happens! Watch Nashville Wednesday night at 10pm on ABC and check back next week for my episode 3 recap.



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