Country Stars’ and Celebrities’ College Degrees…Some May Surprise You!

It may come as a surprise but celebrities are normal people too! Well some…and by normal I mean making millions of dollars and being loved by millions of people. Not to mention traveling all over the country and/or world…but that’s totally normal right? No? Ok never mind. Let me rephrase my original statement. SOME celebrities you may not even realize have college degrees, and some degrees in fields you would never expect. Yes, a lot ended up dropping out of college when they caught their big break, but wouldn’t you do the same? Either way your favorite country stars and celebrities have gone through the same schooling us normal people have and that is something many people would not expect. So check out this list of country stars and actors from my favorite TV shows (it’s kind of a random list of shows…but I love them so just bear with me) who have college degrees!

Country Stars


Luke Bryan had planned to move to Nashville in order to pursue his music career, but because his older brother died in a car accident right before he was supposed to leave, he stayed closer to home. He went to Georgia Southern University where he graduated with a degree in business, and by no surprise considering he sings about Greek life on multiple occasions, he was a brother of Sigma Chi. After graduating he decided not to give up on music and went to Nashville to become the country hottie we all know today…and good thing he did because what would we do without the great looks and amazing dance moves of country music’s entertainer of the year!

Carrie Underwood is another one who considered music before college, but ultimately chose the college route. She graduated from Northeastern State University with a degree in mass communication and an emphasis in journalism, before going on to win American Idol and become the queen of country music. Her and I have so much in common…journalism majors and ummmm…ok that’s it. It’s still cool that she was a journalism major though!
brad-paisley Lee-Brice-Jobs
Brad Paisley attended West Liberty State College for 2 years and then got a full-paid scholarship to Belmont University, where he graduated with a degree in music business.
Lee Brice went to Clemson University on a football scholarship, but when he injured his arm he decided to focus on a country music career instead. This goes to show that not all injuries are a bad thing! Sometimes they gain you fame and fortune…or if you don’t happen to have a great voice they just might end your football career. Luckily for Lee he has a great voice.

Once Upon A Time

Actress Jennifer Morrison arrives at a taping of the 2009 ALMA Awards in Los Angeles ginnifer-goodwin-300x400 once-upon-a-time-157

Jennifer Morrison (Emma) attended Loyola University Chicago. She majored in theatre and english. After graduating, she studied with a theatre company and then moved to LA to become the actress we all know and love.
Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) got her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University.
Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) studied at Mountview Conservatoire for the performing arts in London England. So fancy. 


courtney-cox Vassar+College+150th+Anniversary+Celebration+zRX4Uib18dIlCourteney Cox (Monica) went to Mount Vernon College in Washington D.C. for architecture but dropped out to pursue modeling and acting. Architecture and acting…talk about diverse interests.

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) received a degree in biology from Vassar College. She researched headaches, then decided to go into acting and the rest is history.

One Tree Hill

Unknown james-lafferty-791235l

Sophia Bush (Brooke) was a journalism major at the University of Southern California until her junior year. Wooo another famous journalism major! If only I could act or sing also like Carrie or Sophia…oh well a girl could dream.
James Lafferty (Nathan) enrolled in California State University, Long Beach but was cast as Nathan Scott before even starting college. Needless to say he never went to college and went to Wilmington, North Carolina to film One Tree Hill instead…and good thing he did because he was my favorite on the show!


tumblr_m0qd0pQmMT1r990zso1_500 Clare-Bowen-14

Connie Britton (Rayna) majored in Asian studies at Dartmouth College. There are only two things I have to say to this. 1) most original major award goes to Connie. 2) Wow…ivy league. So she’s smart and talented…I guess we can’t all be that perfect.
Clare Bowen (Scarlett) got a Bachelor of Creative Arts degree from the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. Let me just say…I. AM. SO. JEALOUS. I wish I was Australian…or that I could at least go to Australia. Sigh…maybe one day.

So there are just some celebrities who did go to college and earn a degree. Did some of their majors surprise you? They definitely surprised me! It’s good to know they were normal people like us at some point in their lives. Unfortunately the majority of us will not discover an amazing talent in singing or acting like these stars did so happy studying!


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