The Best of the CMA Fest: Day 2


So back on the subject of the best 4 days of my life, here I am to talk about the CMA Music Festival! I already mentioned everything great about day 1, and that really was the best day, but day 2 came very close! Hunter Hayes, Kip Moore, Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton…what more could you ask for?! Oh wait I know…maybe the sun or a sweatshirt since it rained all day BUT it stopped in time for the concert so all was well in the world. That rain was no match for the CMA fest…well until the 4th night anyway…but this is about day 2 so no rain, yay! So here’s the best of day 2!

There were plenty of awesome performances going on at the Riverfront stage but my friends and I chose to explore Nashville instead. We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame…gift shop. The actual exhibits were too expensive sooo the gift shop was the next best thing. We also met the black Elvis and ate at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville so it was a good day. But the highlight of the whole day had to be my friend forgetting her cell phone in the cab that morning…starting the day off right. Good job, Katie! Maybe everyone forgetting their cell phones would make for a more social, less technology dependent society…except when you’re 800 miles away from home.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.52.02 PM

Well anyway, we also played this game type thing (not really sure what it was called so we’ll go with that) set up by ABC where you had to do activities and get punches in the punch card. I’m assuming you win a prize in the end but I wouldn’t know because I got 1 punch…out of like 10. It started raining in the middle of playing so that was my cue to run to the closest store. If I didn’t actually try with my hair that morning and have my Lucky Brand bag with me I would’ve gladly embraced the rain. Eventually it stopped though, and right in time for the concert that night!

So the first amazing part of the night was Kip Moore! I think I’ve already expressed my love for him in my last post but I don’t think I can ever express it enough. He sang “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck”, perfectly I might add, and it just reminded me how I still need to get a red sun dress just for this song. He also sang “Beer Money” and “Hey Pretty Girl”, which of course made my heart melt. And of course Kip was wearing his red hat…we all know his performance would not be complete without it.

After Kip was the beautiful and perfect Hunter Hayes. He’s kind of my favorite singer…if you couldn’t already tell. I was expecting Little Big Town (who I also love btw) to come on next but because of some reason that I forget, they didn’t…and to my surprise Hunter Hayes did and I pretty much had a heart attack. He sang “Wanted”, “Somebody’s Heartbreak” and “I Want Crazy”, all to me of course. He also did his own version of “What Goes Around” and it was SO good. During his set Hunter also brought out a special guest…Jason Mraz! The two of them sang “Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me”. That song is just so catchy and relatable…or is it just relatable to me? Well unfortunately even though I planned on meeting Hunter and having him instantly fall in love with me it didn’t happen this time…but it will.



One of my favorite country groups is definitely Lady Antebellum and I think everyone at the festival would agree they put on a great show. They sang “Need You Now” which I was so excited about because that is one of my favorite songs ever. They also performed “I Run To You” and some others, and then ended with “Goodbye Town”. I don’t really have much to say other than they were incredible, just incredible.

Blake Shelton closed the show and I got the chance to be in the photo line, which was pretty much right up against the stage. It took a lot of planning and strategy, but my friends and I managed to beat the system and stay in the photo line for Little Big Town and most of Blake Shelton. Even when security was kicking people out of the photo line after Little Big Town, we managed to stay and we were pretty proud of ourselves. When we did get kicked out of the photo line during Blake Shelton, we snuck into the fast lane and got right back in it, so props to us. OH and Sheryl Crow showed up during Little Big Town’s set and sang “Soak Up The Sun”…throwback! Sooo that was pretty cool. And Blake Shelton was…well…in his words…awesome, bitch! He sang “Footloose”, “Boys ‘Round Here”, “Sure Be Cool If You Did”, “Mine Would Be You” and “Honey Bee”. He was the perfect way to end the show.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.20.16 PM

This night was definitely one of the best, and besides the rain the day was a lot of fun too. Remember to watch ABC on Monday at 8 for the airing of the CMA Music Festival!! And look for me in section 315…you can’t miss me! Unless you don’t have a super powerful magnifying glass…then you might miss me, but just try really hard. Check back for my post on day 3 of the CMA Music Festival!

PS…sorry for the shaky videos…nobody’s perfect.


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