Check out What Amazing Country Song I’ve Had on Repeat!

I love love love Kip Moore….like a lot. I’ve seen him live twice and both times he was AMAZING. I put his album on repeat pretty often…and by pretty often I mean every day. The one song I’ve been listening to even more than his other ones (so 101 times a day instead of 100) is “Mary Was The Marrying Kind”. So here it is so you can enjoy it as much as I do and pretend that you’re Mary…unless it’s just me who pretends that I’m the girl Kip Moore is singing about in every song.

I think my favorite girl he sings about is Megan…”Yeah, Megan was a millionaire senator’s daughter, my collar was too damn blue”. She sounds like a catch……and not just because her name is Megan. Ok so maybe it is because her name is Megan but I’m just so excited that my name is in a song!! Maybe even too excited…unless jumping up and down and screeching while sitting alone in my car is normal? No? Ok maybe not.


Now all I have to say is give me Kip Moore more more! Yup, I just said that. Check back for more Kip Moore amazingness and other great stuff!


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