From Nashville To Hollywood: Your Favorite Country Stars Who Try Out Acting

Nowadays it seems like every singer tries out acting and every actor tries out singing, but very rarely are they actually really good at both. Take Selena Gomez for example…she was a Disney Channel star on Wizards of Waverly Place and is now on tour for her music. If you ask me, she should’ve stuck to acting and I think her performance at the MTV Movie Awards proves that. I know some people won’t agree but everyone has their own opinions…and this is mine. There are plenty of celebrities who should only act or sing, and not do both. Then there are the celebrities (and only a very small percentage of them) who go against the odds and are surprisingly good at both.

Our favorite country stars are among these celebrities who take a shot at acting. Some prevail, and some prove that drinking beer, driving pick-up trucks, drinking sweet tea and then singing about it is what they do best. You may not have even realized that these country stars were in some popular TV shows and movies. Well in case you didn’t, and even if you did, here’s a look into everyone’s favorite country stars and their attempts at acting.

Tim McGraw

This “Live Like You Were Dying” singer has tried out acting and has succeeded! Some may not even realize that acting is not his claim to fame, those who are not into country music or live under a rock of course (because who doesn’t know of this cowboy hat wearing hottie, right?). Now unlike most singers trying out acting, he does not play tiny roles you might miss if you blink, he plays the big roles…like top of the cast list on IMDb kind of roles. He strayed away from his good guy image and played the alcoholic and abusive father to one of the football players in Friday Night Lights. Tim continued his acting career and played a rancher and a father in Flicka, and did an amazing job. He used his real life parenting skills in this movie, and also in playing the inspirational father, Sean Tuohy, alongside Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side. Now of course that story itself was incredible but I think we all know what the best thing about that movie was…Sandra Bullock AND Tim McGraw in the same movie! Duh! Or maybe that’s just me…okay moving on. Tim also played a main character in Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow. Another movie Tim was in was Four Christmases. He had a supporting role as Brad’s (Vince Vaughn) rude, cage fighting brother. He was not your typical inspirational, good guy everyone is used to. In fact, he was pretty much the exact opposite. So Tim McGraw can play a bunch of different kinds of roles AND sing amazingly…damn. I guess we can’t all be that lucky. Those are just a few of the big titles Tim McGraw has starred in…and I think that’s all the ones I really need to name to show how great of an actor he is. Amazing singer and a great actor…what more could you ask for?! He’s a rare breed, like the magical unicorn of country singing…so props to you, Tim!

Reba McEntire

Reba is another country star who made acting work for her…and even got her own TV show! Reba is a show I’ve always watched growing up because my mom would always be watching it. I can’t help but love Reba’s sassy comments, Van’s stupidity and the craziness that is Barbara Jean. That show gets me every time. Reba is so talented and I could only hope to be as awesome as her one day…but I should probably figure out how to get some talent first or that goal may never be reached. Reba has also done many voices in movies such as Charlotte’s Web and The Fox And The Hound 2. Reba McEntire got another show in 2012, Malibu Country, which sadly only lasted one season and was cancelled this year. Reba shows she can rock the stage in country music and also rock the set in acting.

Blake Shelton

Speaking of Malibu Country, Blake Shelton made a guest appearance on Reba’s show as Reba’s younger brother, named…drum roll please…Blake! They got really creative. His character is a little crazy and causes some trouble…so I guess  he didn’t have to act too much considering he proves to be a little crazy himself. Blake seemed to do a good job…but then again he didn’t have to try too hard so there’s not too much to say here. Good job being yourself, Blake!

Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton’s bombshell wife guest stars on Law & Order: SVU as an aspiring singer who is sexually assaulted by a TV producer. Her character wants to get a part on this producer’s reality show really bad…like really bad. Look up a clip of the episode on YouTube to see what I mean. Miranda didn’t have a huge role but she did do a good job as Lacy Ford. Miranda has said she does not plan on becoming an actress though, so we can all rest easy and look forward to more amazing music!

Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler is another country singer who guest starred on a TV show. She made an appearance as Sally Butler on 90210. Essentially, she plays herself…a country singer. She even performs one of her own songs, “Tough”, on the show. So basically, she played herself with a different name on a set in LA…I wouldn’t consider her an actress just yet.


This group also guest starred on a TV show as none other but themselves. Gloriana performed on Hart of Dixie at the Rammer Jammer, a bar in the show. They only had a couple of lines before performing one of my favorite songs, “Can’t Shake You” so I wouldn’t be giving them any awards for acting anytime soon, but they did a great job singing, or pretending to sing their song.

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley guest starred in a few episodes of According To Jim, which is a show that his wife, Kimberly Williams, was a regular on. Brad also did the voice of Daddy Armadillo in The Wonder Pets, which I may have seen a couple times…when I was babysitting of course. Another show Brad was recently in was Nashville. I LOVE this show and can’t wait for season 2 to start. When I found out that Brad Paisley would be guest starring as himself I was so excited, and when he sang with Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) I was even more excited! It’s a good thing he mostly just sang though because the couple of lines he had sounded really forced…sorry Brad! It was still amazing seeing him in one of my favorite shows and it doesn’t look like he’s switching to acting anytime soon so all is well in the world.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift played Felicia, Willy’s (Taylor Lautner) girlfriend, in Valentine’s Day and I would have been one hundred percent okay if she did not have a role in that movie at all. Not gonna lie…I cringed at every line she said. She should stick with just providing songs for the soundtracks of movies. That is something she is good at. Her song, “Today Was A Fairytale”, was great in Valentine’s Day. Another movie’s soundtrack she contributed to was The Hunger Games. I am obsessed with The Hunger Games and also obsessed with “Safe and Sound” and “Eyes Open”. So although she is not the greatest actress, she is good at writing songs for movies, and that is the part of the film industry she should continue in…that being the only part.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie guest starred on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, but because I can’t stand that show that is not her acting role that I am going to focus on. Carrie played Sarah Hill, Bethany Hamilton’s church youth group leader, in Soul Surfer. Carrie Underwood is an amazing singer. Amazing. But her acting is a different story. I wouldn’t say she was terrible, but acting is not her forte. All I have to say is that she should not quit her day job…her award winning, million dollar earning, fame making day job.

That’s just a glimpse of some country stars who dipped into the film industry. Some did prove that they are multi-talented like Tim McGraw and Reba McEntire, but others proved that singing is their forte…their only forte. I’m talking to you Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. But hey, they can’t say they didn’t try! And who knows, maybe they’ll try again. Maybe some of you don’t agree and love Taylor and Carrie’s acting. One thing I think we can all agree on, though, is that all of these country stars are amazing at what they do…country music! And at least we know we can always count on them for some great, new music…so sing (not act) on country singers!


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