New Characters On Once Upon A Time Season 3!


So in case you didn’t already know, season 3 of Once Upon A Time starts on September 29 and I could not be happier! We have already met so many different characters throughout the past couple of seasons but there are always more to introduce, and with a new season comes new characters. Check out the list of new characters I’ve compiled and get excited…only 59 days to go!

Peter Pan

I think the biggest mystery going into Season 3 is the story behind Peter Pan. Everyone knows Peter Pan as the likeable, adventurous character that everyone loves. Well Once Upon A Time is straying away from the well-known character Disney has created and is digging deeper into Peter Pan. We already saw the start to Peter Pan’s storyline at the end of season 2. As far as we all know he is the evil character responsible for Henry’s kidnapping but will we find he’s not as evil as we think? Or that he really is exactly what he has already been portrayed as? I guess we’ll have to wait and see (coming from the girl with no patience).

Tinker Bell

Everyone’s favorite fairy is coming to Once Upon A Time and I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s excited. Tinker Bell is not going to be the happy and likeable character we all know and love, though. She is going to be darker than how she is depicted in the Disney movies. I know what you’re all thinking…how could Tinker Bell be a dark character?! But based on the past events in the show, I’m not surprised. I mean look at Peter Pan…we haven’t actually seen how that plays out yet but from what we can see he is quite a dark character too…or is he? Dun dun dun. But anyway, Tinker Bell is also supposed to have a surprising connection to a character we already know (Emma, Neil, Regina, Prince Charming, Snow White, Belle or Rumpelstiltskin). So who do you think it is? Tinker Bell is being played by Rose McIver so look her up before season 3 starts!


Rufio is just another Peter Pan character that will be introduced in this upcoming season. This list of Peter Pan characters is just getting better and better!


This is a character I have been waiting for since season 1…the Little Mermaid! We don’t know much about Ariel yet, but I could only imagine how great of a character she is going to be. What we have seen is a sneak peek where Grumpy is eating lunch on a bench when someone sneaks up behind him and steals his fork. But who is this mystery thief? Yup, you guessed it…Ariel! I’m sure the fact that this is under the ‘Ariel’ heading isn’t what gave it away. After she returns to the water her feet turn into a tail so I’m sure the question Grumpy is asking himself is, “why did she just steal my fork?” Okay so maybe the more logical question is how did her feet turn into a tail, but the fork question is just as valid. This show always seems to blend these characters’ stories and fairytales together so well so I’m positive it will be the same for Ariel.

So those are some of the new characters we can look forward to meeting this season and I’m sure there are plenty more to come. I will be anxiously waiting at the edge of my seat to find out, as well as counting down the days until September 29. In the meantime binge watching Friends repeats and House Hunters sounds like a good idea. Well I hope you enjoyed my post! Check back for more Once Upon A Time updates. Also look at the season 3 promos below!


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