The Best of the CMA Fest: Day 1

This summer I had the best 4 days of my life at none other than the CMA Festival in Nashville. Not only was the night time concert at LP Field AMAZING every night, but the day was so much fun too. It was so much fun that my friends and I already ordered our 2014 tickets…the day after we got back. We were that excited. We all already have countdowns until next year, and seeing how many days we still have kills me inside. Hurry up June 2014!


There were concerts all day at different stages and a bunch of fun stuff (and even better…FREE stuff) to do throughout the day. My friends and I did not go to many of the day time concerts, except for a few at the Riverfront Stage, but we had so much fun just doing our own thing in Nashville. I know a lot of people who wish they had the chance to go so I figured I’d post my favorite moments from my trip to Nashville to give anyone who couldn’t go a glimpse of what it was like. This first post is just about the first day of the festival, June 6th 2013. I have to split up the days in different posts or it would be way too long…there were just SO many incredible moments.


This first day is when my friends and I spent most of our day at the Riverfront Stage. Walking into the Riverfront was like walking into heaven. There were cowboy hats EVERYWHERE, cowboy boots EVERYWHERE and just everything amazing all in one place. Our first stop was to the stand where cowboy hats were being sold…we couldn’t walk around without a cowboy hat. I’m pretty sure that’s frowned upon…at least I like to think so. The first band we sat down to watch was Gloriana and they were perfect. Just perfect. We were standing on a hill so I was a little distracted by the people who kept slipping down it and falling…that was a whole show in itself. We also managed to get a lot closer and get right in front of the stage for Love and Theft and I am so glad we did. Eric and Stephen looked so good….oh and they sounded great too.

Another highlight of the day was buying my cowboy boots. I have an unhealthy obsession with boots and there was a buy 1, get 2 free deal…so naturally I bought 3 pairs!  The excitement from that alone made my day amazing.


The concert that night at LP Field was just the greatest thing ever. The first night was by far the best one. The lineup included Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and Zac Brown Band. Need I say more? I think the crowd went the craziest for Luke Bryan. Probably because of his unbelievable voice and perfect moves…and because he’s Luke Bryan.

Another highlight of the concert: Miranda Lambert. oh. my. god. If I could be Miranda Lambert I would. She sang Mama’s Broken Heart, Baggage Claim, Over You (which almost made me cry) and Gunpowder and Lead. Everything about her performance was just incredible.

Zac Brown Band closed the first night and they did a great job doing so. Jump Right In and Chicken Fried were definitely my 2 favorite songs they sang…the whole crowd got so into it. The other great part was when they sang Goodbye in Her Eyes and the kid in front of us turned around and said, “you know what? F*** Emily! F*** her!” Clearly someone had a bad breakup…poor kid.

Oh and I can’t forget the best surprise ever…Tim McGraw!! He wasn’t scheduled to play at all at the CMA Fest but he came out to sing Highway Don’t Care with Taylor Swift. It got even better when Keith Urban came out too! That was probably my favorite surprise of the whole festival…and there were plenty of surprises. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, was not my favorite performance. To say her trying-to-be-seductive faces were awkward is an understatement.  Her faces and rehearsed lines made all of LP Field uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Taylor Swift’s songs for the most part, but I was not impressed by her performance.

Day 1 of the CMA Festival was definitely my favorite and hopefully you now have an idea of why. Keep an eye out for my post on day 2! And also watch the airing of the festival on ABC August 12 and look for me in section 315, row Q, seat 10 (Just squint a lot and look really close and just maybe you’ll see me…or not). Even though you won’t be able to see me in the crowd, it’s still worth it to watch…so do it. Thanks for reading!


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